Data Design & Management

The Team Experience - Project Management. Book Keeping and Accounting. Data Design & Management. Business Process Management System Implementations & Reviews Systems Integration Technology Services

The Team is having vast experience in following diversified areas. The team collective experience one window solution starting from problem identification

The team possesses substantial experience in Financial Reporting and Accounting, Auditing, Budgeting, Risk Advisory and Assurance, Business Process Management, Project Management and Implementation services.

Data Design & Management

One of the decisive factors in the success of any project is management of data. Our team possesses extensive experience in managing data; starting from analysis to designing data architecture for different information systems, ranging from data reconciliation systems to big bang data migration.

The team has hands on experience of in-house developed as well as off-the-shelf world renowned state-of-the-art Reconciliation Systems that has the functionality of managing, analyzing and investigations of data.

The team has been engaged in laying down the migration strategy, data preparation approach, repair & enrichment plan and successful roll out of various projects.